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Hero wins the Lambda Award in the LGBT CHILDREN'S/YOUNG ADULT catagory!

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Friday, April 23, 2010

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Man, people can be mean in this business

Hi, all,

There's this really cool site called After Elton, but, man, after the story in the NY Times about Stan Lee and Hero and all, there are these two people trading quips.

I wish I could share with them some of the joy and inspiration the novel has brought to me and some other people.

Also, I think they forgot it's a young adult book.

Oh, and here's a nice hint for the sequel...re: the first mean comment.
Do you really think Thom's mom is dead? Do you really think she appeared just to be killed after hiding in stealth with her own agenda after all those years? (That's what I call one short-sighted reader!)

Look forward to finding out what Lila was really up to - and how it could threaten Thom and Goran's relationship to its core.

Feel free to chime in on the site. Until a fan pointed out these two snitty comments, I've always been a fan of the site:

Here it is:

Join the discussion! Especially if you're young--let your voice be heard. IT COUNTS!



Tuesday, April 20, 2010

new comments page

Hey there,

After the piece in the NY Times ran this story about HERO, it sparked a lot of interest and discussion.

Here's one particular forum:


And I'd love any help getting in there to help set the record "straight!"



Saturday, April 17, 2010

HERO in this Sunday's NEW YORK TIMES-Style Section

Hi, everyone,

A special shout out to journalist-extraordinaire George Gustines and his article in tomorrow's Style section of the New York Times.

I am so honored and humbled and happy that he used material provided by Stan Lee and yours truly re: HERO.

Here's the link to the article:

Read and enjoy!

And please feel free to pass along the good word!

All the best,


Monday, March 29, 2010

one last thought on that Ricky Martin thing...

The story for HERO burned a hole straight out of my heart, simply because it didn't exist. I had never been in a boy band, or acted, or spokesmodeled. But I did A LOT of grunt work in TV and film in NY. And then came Narnia. My work with that incredible team is well-documented, so I don't feel the need to back it up. But for those of you who think it's hard to work in a business like being a pop star or pro-athlete, try putting together one of the biggest Christian franchises of all time, and being openly gay. Ironically, in addition to being one of the only gays in that village, I was also one of the only Christians active in his Church. (I'm a born and bred Virginia Episcopalian. You can take the boy out of the trailer park, but you can never take the trailer park out of the boy...) Actually I'm proud of my lineage which goes back to Bishop Meade of Virginia -- and you can look this up online -- who caught a lot of flack pre-Civil War for letting slaves into church and for ministering communion to them. I'd like to think that he's out there somewhere, proud of me for trailblazing. Really, I just wanted to tell a good story that didn't exist. It makes me so grateful that so many of you have written to voice your support.

I see heroes in the thousands of you who've written to me.

Please keep writing.

The future of the world looks brighter--because of you--everyday.

And oh yeah, I just turned my new manuscript in to my wonderful publishers at Disney-Hyperion. Can't wait for you to read THIS one!!!


Perry Moore
author of hero

Ricky Martin = gay? Well get my smelling salts!

Hi, everyone,

I saw today that Ricky Martin ended years of speculation when he finally told the truth about himself. Underwhelmed, that would be the word that most appropriately describes my feelings on this so-called news. I try to be a good spirit, non-judgmental, all that good stuff. But if people like Mr. Martin actually came out when they were relevant, then maybe there would be some young people who don't consider suicide just because they like people of the same-sex. Similar to athletes who come out only AFTER their careers in the professional leagues are over, these potential heroes lose a fair degree of their potency by revealing the news after the fact.

I wrote HERO for many reasons, but one of those reasons, and it's a reason so many of you have been generous to point out, is that you can discover who you are and come out and face the world -- with all its many challenges for gay people, straight people, hell just people -- and you can not only survive, but you can contribute and survive. You don't have to wait twenty-some years to stockpile a couple of million in the bank so you can prance around beaches with a body built by personal trainers and professional chefs on your staff.

So please take it to heart. Make news now. Loud, out and proud. For being you, for being human, and not for being defined by your sexuality.

On a political note, I found it horrific that Mr. Martin supported George Bush, who stacked the Supreme Court against the progression of gay rights. With regards to the law, the courts are where equal rights are historically decided. Makes you actually thank the capitalist pigs who now seek to aggregate us as a marketable quality. At least then, we have some reason to believe we won't be rounded up and gassed...so long as we are a viable target audience for them to hawk their goods.

Be your own HERO. I've learned that progress sometimes comes in small increments. I'll close by encouraging all of you who are young to aim for the stars. Mr. Martin's increment is indeed...well, small.

Write back, discuss, I'm here and always interested in what you have to say.

Perry Moore
author of HERO

To All Educators:

I would consider it a great honor to visit your institution and inspire the many future heroes who walk your halls! All my best, Perry Moore, author of HERO

First Name: Rinji
Additional Info: I was just assigned a book to read for my Cultural Diversity class. Out of all of the options, Hero jumped out at me immediately. I waited anxiously for my copy from Amazon, always disappointed when it wasn''t in my mailbox yet. From the very first page I was absolutely glued, keeping myself up literally all night (or until I fell asleep at 4AM reading). Writing is a major hobby of mine and from reading Hero, I''ve been extremely inspired! Not to mention the personal connections I''ve had! I feel like Thom Creed knew me up, down and sideways. That being said, I''m straight and female. While his sexuality adds to his character, I love that this story is so much more than that. To me, it isn''t about his preference of guys to girls, it''s about finding one''s self in a world that sees "different" as a negative this. This is something I''ve struggled with all my life. When I picked up this novel, I discovered immediately that Thom Creed got it. He is an AMAZING character in every way. I definitely plan to share this with all of my friends, gay and straight alike. Hero is a thrilling, touching, wonderful adventure. For a week, Hero is all I''ve been able to talk about or focus on. I''m thrilled to see more of Thom in a sequel/series. The story is absolutely brilliant and I can''t wait to complete my school project for it. Until then, I''ll be applying my art skills to my mental image of Thom, Goran, and the other brilliant characters in the book. You''re a serious genius. Thank you for writing Hero. PS - the "For Everyone" printed on the first page is more than true.

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